new blog!!


i've decided to change my blog name!

it is now--> nessleee

just to make it simplier- and easy to remember : D
blogspot is currently havin uploading issues- so it's lookin' simple now
but i gots a new banner and look coming up!

also, a website coming soon! (hopefully)
so this will be temporary : )

Canzine 2010!

Hey guys! This Sunday I'll be at Canzine 2010!
Come check me out! oh and don't forget my zines ;D
here's a snippet of a print i'll be selling!
also there's free mini ones!! : D

I'll be also selling sandwiches.. *hinthint



Ze Lemon~

8x10 acrylic on illustration board

Sour thoughts

So, after finishing that super frustrating lemon study, I had some leftover paint! the asian inside me took over- not being able to bear the thought of wasted paint- so I painted this little guy. The colors are definitely wack- but you know, he's in a dark place right now lol..>_>'' Kinda reflects how I've been feeling lately- not the emo part, but just pure frustration with everything.


Sumo Obsession? I think so.

SUMOS! yes, I think it's safe to say I have some kind of sumo phase going on. I just love illustratin' them! and I think I need an intervention or something because I ain't gonna stop!

This image over here is a Toy design we had to do for Media Studios 2 using Illustrator's Live Trace. So far I loved this project! we were given alot of creative freedom. However as far as this image goes, the bowl and rice kinda bothers me...but other than that it was hella fun and I would totally love to explore further with this live trace stuffs!


What's Next!?

COMING SOON! a collaborative zine of 10 illustrators including myself!
ready to be printed and sold at the upcoming Canzine Fair 2010.
here's a bit of the cover! : D
(which includes a collaboration of illustrations
by Jeannie, Daniel, Tabban and myself)

What's next:
  • One or two more zines of my illustrations for Canzine
  • "By the Pound" a gallery show of about 200 artists at the Sleeping Giant Gallery
  • Finally getting down to building a website : D !