The Sad News..

So as some of you may know.. I'm turning 21 on the 30th of March! WEEEeeEeEeeeEeEE !! : ]
I've been kinda known for my yearly birthday bashes where you would have to dress up to make me happy..This year, unfortunately this might not happen, due to incidents of the last partayy : (  I don't really feel like explaining myself a bunch o' times because talking about it gets me sad.. so I'll just barf it all out here!

The source of the problem is my next door neighbour- not the nice ones on the left but the means ones on the right. The last party as we all know it got really loud, I served chicken wings- which turned out to be littered on my lawn.. and "apparently" blown to his side. A car or two of people who apparently didn't feel like partying inside my house, or had someone they didn't wanna bring inside... made a ruckus outside. As a result, my neighbor has threatened to call the police the next time I have a party. Ever since then, my dad and him have been arguing publicly ( causing a few stares ) and we are officially enemies lol. I was going to talk to them about having one this year and try to sort out an agreement.. but my parents refuse me to even step foot on their doorstep. 

It's unfortunate because I was planning either a Mobster theme or Nerd theme this year! *tear.. I'm currently brainstorming ideas.. but nothing is quite good enough.. sorry guys! a few of you have asked me about it and I get sad/mad every time.. and I wanna do something! it would be unusual of me to not...Ideas? suggestions? : (

*moment of silence*

Rest in Peace, party I look foreword to every year. 



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