I know! it's been a while.

haha, so as you all know it's that time again where we're all freaking out about stooopit exams and big projects.  SOOO forgive me for not posting much lately : ] Here's what i've been doing so far...

Reoccurring dreams
12x9  watercolor

So this is a project I did for Harvey Chan's class.. we were to explore watercolor (which I looove) and the theme this week was about your reoccurring dreams. I don't really remember my dreams, so I decided to make one up : D 
I'm not really happy about this piece tho~ I think im gonna re-do this in some other media.. YUMMMM

Henry/Ice Cream/ Pig
8.5 x 11 Acrylic gouache 

A project for Gary's class.. The challenge was to pick three words from the list provided and create an interesting image out of it. Sooo from this piece I decided to choose Henry, Ice Cream and Pig in order to illustrate a concept about how meat is like a dessert that many indulge in. I tried a minimal approach to this piece, painting form and avoiding the use of line work.  Even until now, I'm not sure how I feel about this piece- but here it is! : D 

Lord of the Flies
6 x 9 digital

Another project done for Gary's class- a book jacket for the novel, Lord of the Flies but William Golding. Here, I wanted to capture the moment of attack that took place in the book- or at least the drama of it. Weeeee!  


15 Things You Should Know About Breasts

(via Good Blog)

Annoyance of the day

So I've been working part time for pretty much 5 years of my life so far, and ever since then I have been managing my own money, buying my own art supplies, clothes, food, paying my own phone bills, credit card bills and more recently textbooks. It's been 5  years and today my parents decided to look at my credit card bills and phone bills- and they freak out. They think I need help, but I don't.. I've been managing my money for so long, living downtown for a year- debt is not new to me. What's new to me is how they decide to be concerned now. Blah blah blah, rant of ze day.