So I got back my "unofficial" marks (when really they're pretty official) and they aren't as great as I thought they would be. Je suis sad. When you spend hours upon hours working on concepts, busting your ass on execution, trying so hard to please these OCAD profs- and for what? a shitty mark : ( They critique you and make you feel better when really you should be feeling the total opposite. This semester has been a crazy emotional roller-coaster and I'm am so very tired emotionally, mentally, and creatively. Its times like these when I wonder if all these sleepless nights, the stress and craziness, is all worth it. How hard do you have to work for to do something you love? 


  1. Aww ness... *hugs*
    Let me know if you wanna talk more k? <33

  2. I hope this summer is good to you, i don't know what else to say but you have my support!! rock on