Happy Birthday Dadd : D

So it was my pop's bday yesterday!
and like the good daughter i am i bought him alot of booze.
He likes red wine ( for health reasons of course) lol
It looked pretty plain with just ribbons so i made some gift tags of my dad's face haha
it doesn't reallly look like him... i think
 there's a resemblance but yeahhh
that eyes also slowly got more asian.. haha

i got him some Robert Mondavi Merlot ( my personal fav)
some Wolf blass Cab Sav, and some random one that looked pretty. : D 


  1. i've never seen your dad before, but that looks like your dad.

  2. aww thats cute, you give the best presents : D

  3. I agree with Jenn! Most awesome-est preesents ever!

    *hugs Patrick pillow*