new blog!!


i've decided to change my blog name!

it is now--> nessleee

just to make it simplier- and easy to remember : D
blogspot is currently havin uploading issues- so it's lookin' simple now
but i gots a new banner and look coming up!

also, a website coming soon! (hopefully)
so this will be temporary : )

Canzine 2010!

Hey guys! This Sunday I'll be at Canzine 2010!
Come check me out! oh and don't forget my zines ;D
here's a snippet of a print i'll be selling!
also there's free mini ones!! : D

I'll be also selling sandwiches.. *hinthint



Ze Lemon~

8x10 acrylic on illustration board

Sour thoughts

So, after finishing that super frustrating lemon study, I had some leftover paint! the asian inside me took over- not being able to bear the thought of wasted paint- so I painted this little guy. The colors are definitely wack- but you know, he's in a dark place right now lol..>_>'' Kinda reflects how I've been feeling lately- not the emo part, but just pure frustration with everything.